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Why volunteer?

Any charitable organisations rely on the goodwill and enthusiasm of like-minded donors, sponsors and volunteers. Here at Trees for Shropshire, a large part of our work is tree planting, installing the bird and hedgehog boxes and, most importantly, the maintenance of these.

Newly planted trees require clearing round for the first five years to prevent them being over run by grass and weeds, a point that is often overlooked in planting schemes.

Our bird and hedgehog boxes will require annual checks, cleaning out and any repairs carried out- so volunteer now.

Benefits of volunteering

There are many positive benefits to volunteering. It’s widely accepted that it can help self- confidence, relieve stress and anxiety, combat depression, give a sense of purpose, increase physical fitness, connect us with like-minded people, make new friends and contacts and is great for families to get involved together. Due to the nature of our work, it gets us out in the fresh air and reconnects us with the great outdoors.

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So Come On

Join our volunteer group ‘A Leg Up for Trees’ now.

Pull on your boots, get out in the fresh air, and together we can make a tangible difference, for our environment and for ourselves.

Current Planting Days

February 13/14th 

Rowley Farm, Nr Westbury, Shrewsbury – SY5 9RY
Hedge – 3,250

February 20/21st

Bag End, Horton Farm, Cruckton, Shrewsbury -SY5 8PW
Hedge – 3000

February 27/28th

Old School Campsite, Minsterley, Shrewsbury – SY5 OJL
500 Trees – 27this a clearing day

March 6th

Walton Hall Farm, Nr Worthen, Shrewsbury – SY5 9JN
Hedge – 300

March 27th

Malehurst Farm, Minsterley, Shrewsbury – SY5 0BX
Hedge – 500

March 28th

Wood Farm, Minsterley, Shrewsbury – SY5 0EN
Hedge – 475

Get in touch to book in for a planting day or ask any questions.

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