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Lone Tree Shropshire

Plant as many trees as you like

Sponsor a tree today. If you don’t have a garden, you can still plant a tree, or a small woodland… or a huge forest.

Sponsor a tree with us and we’ll plant it for you, here in Shropshire and its adjoining counties.

You will be helping to:

  • remove carbon from the atmosphere,
  • support hundreds of species of insect
  • provide homes and food for birds
  • reverse the decline in habitats that is pushing wildlife to its limit


Where will my tree be planted?

Trees For Shropshire has obtained permission to plant trees on Farms, Estates, Private and Public land.

We’ll use the land we’ve been offered to plant sponsored trees and site bird boxes and hedgehog homes.

Any profits we make will be used to plant more trees, site more boxes and create new wildlife habitats.

We’re planting mostly on private land, so you might not be able to visit your tree,  but we’ll let you know the area where it’s planted and keep you in touch with its progress.

How does Sponsoring a Tree work?

1.  When you sponsor a tree, we will choose a suitable planting site and a species that will grow well in that setting.

2.  Your tree will be numbered individually and by site and you will be emailed a photo of your numbered tree in situ and be given the approximate location of the planting site.

3.  Each tree is guaranteed to only have one sponsor.

4.  Your sponsor money will cover the planting of your tree and its care and maintenance. Trees require several years care and annual maintenance before they are fully established.

5.  Any trees that die or are damaged will be replaced.

6.  Maintenance will be assisted by our volunteer group A Leg Up For Trees.

7.  Local businesses will approached for sponsorship, donations and assistance.

8.  Trees will remain the property of Trees For Shropshire.

Our planting sites

Sponsor a tree

Dedicate a tree as a gift

Send a gift or dedication that will truly be one of a kind.

If you would like to dedicate a tree as gift, to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one or pet, we can plant one for you.

A dedication certificate will be sent to you or directly to the recipient and will include information about the species of tree and the location of the site. This will be sent to your chosen email address and can include a short message.

Simply select the item you would like to dedicate, fill out the form to provide us with your choice, details of who it is to and from, email address to send to, occasion ie birthday, wedding, thank you etc, and a short message.

Not only will you be sending a unique gift but you will be joining us in creating a woodland for the future.

Dedicate a tree

Sponsor or Dedicate a Tree today

You can make a difference today with a sponsorship or dedication. 

Whether it be for yourself, a friend or family member, this is where you can really make a lasting difference.

Sponsors and recipients of dedications will be emailed a certificate including details of the order and also a photo of the tree or box in situ.

Dedications can include a personal message to mark any occasion for a truly unique gift.

So sponsor or dedicate today and plant trees or install boxes from the comfort of your settee. You will be directly helping wildlife and our environment…for all our tomorrows.