Our tree and hedge planting sites


Here you can find information about where our work is being carried out

As many of our site are on private land, we don’t give out actual addresses, but you can see the areas where we’re working and sponsors will be able to find some details about the site they’re sponsoring. Trees will only be planted, and boxes installed on suitable sites.

  • Site 1.  14 acres in the Clun Valley.
    – A stunning site in prime South Shropshire countryside, with the cries of Red Kites filling the air.
    – Work carried out: 500 trees planted, hedges thickened, bird and hedgehog boxes installed, wildlife habitat improved and more work yet to do.


  • Site 2.  Plantation Wood Ellesmere – Open to the public.
    – A small but delightful woodland with lots of paths to explore. This woodland was given to the folk of Ellesmere by the estate of the Duke of Westminster and is now run as a charity by a community group.
    – Work carried out:  30 small bird boxes installed with more to come, plus some owl boxes.


  • Site 3:   Off Grange Road – Ellesmere.
    – An extension to a small wood that was planted by the owners 20 years ago,
    – Work carried out:  300 trees planted and some hedge thickened,


  • Site 4:  The Old Campsite – Minsterley  Nr Shrewsbury.
    – A 5 acre site on the edge of Shropshire hill country. A former woodland was felled some years ago and the site needs bringing back to life.
    – Work carried out: This is a site due to be planted by us in November 2020.
    – Visit their site here


  • Site 5:  Lee – Nr Ellesmere.
    – A 400 acre beef farm on the outskirts of our home town.
    – Work carried out: The owners have asked us to plant replacement single trees along their hedgerows on the farm and have given us permission to install bird and hedgehogs boxes too. Work commencing Nov 2020.


  • Site 6:  Grange Road –  Ellesmere.
    – A stunning Georgian property with grounds including woodland and meadows.
    – Work carried out. Bird and hedgehog boxes installed.


  • Site 7:  Knockin – Shropshire.
    – An equestrian centre with extensive grounds.
    – Work carried out:  We’ve been asked to plant around 500 trees and thicken some long lengths of hedges. Work commencing November 2020.

Got a place we can plant?

Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.

- Karle Wilson

English Poet