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A huge thank you…

We are very fortunate to have been donated many beautiful images from these Shropshire photographers for use on our website, so here we’d like to give a little background information about our donors and give contact details so that you can find out more.

Sarah Jameson

Almost all the tree images on our website are taken by Sarah Jameson, a talented landscape photographer living in the Shropshire Hills. Her work is inspired by the hills, steep-sided valleys and woods that surround her home.
Sarah exhibits a few times a year and co-organises the Redlake Valley Artists Exhibition which takes place every three years in her quiet but very beautiful, corner of South West Shropshire. The next show is planned for 2022
Much of the work on Sarah’s website can be purchased, either in the form of giclee prints and sometimes (for monoprints or drawings) as originals.
You can find her work here: 

And her blog  – the story of a 11.4 acre field in Shropshire that she and her partner bought in 2018 and are managing for wildlife and biodiversity here:

Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Find out more about their work

Established in in Much Wenlock in 1989. Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds.

Each year they admit around 4,800 wildlife casualties and, to date, have currently rehabilitated almost 20,000 cases.

They also educate the public in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife, undertake research and advise other organisations.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Founded in 1982, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society offers help and advise to those with sick injured or orphaned hedgehogs and maintains a list of rehabilitators in the UK.

They give free advise to the public on all things hedgehog, encourage children to respect our natural wildlife and fund hedgehog research programmes.

Based in Ludlow, Shropshire

Steve Roberts

Now retired and a keen runner and cyclist, Steve bought some high quality photography equipment with his retirement money after it being a passion since he was younger.

“Being brought up in the countryside I have always had a love of nature and being outdoors. A fisherman and birdwatcher nearly all my life, most of my wildlife photos are taken from my own portable hide, in my back garden or at various paid hides around the area. As far as Im concerned there is nothing better than being tucked up in a hide for several hours waiting to see what appears.”

View and purchase Steves work here:

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