Give a hedgehog a home


Help us stop hedgehogs disappearing from our countryside.

Our hedgehog home scheme

A recent report The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs, shows that over the last 10 years the population of rural hogs has declined by 50% and by 33% in urban areas.

Whilst the decline in urban areas is showing some signs of slowing down, the losses in the countryside are a real worry and cannot be allowed to continue or it may be that we lose one of our most iconic and beloved British mammals.

It’s cold outside…

In the countryside hogs live in hedgerows, meadows, rough pasture, woodland borders and copses, living on insects, carrion, frogs, eggs and fallen fruit, hunting over an area of around 50 acres.

They generally hibernate from November through to March when the weather turns colder and there’s not enough food available, so providing well made and properly designed boxes will make a big difference to their safety from foxes and badgers during this period. Hedgehogs will also use boxes as safe houses during their active months and for breeding.

As you can see, boxes can play an important role in trying to halt the decline in Hedgehog numbers. Combined with our schemes to thicken hedges, plant new woodland and create wildlife habitat, providing boxes will help to consolidate and grow hedgehog numbers.  You can double the effort by purchasing a box from our shop to install in your own garden.

Join us in our mission to protect our prickly friends – sponsor or dedicate a box today.

The adult Hedgehog has 5 to 7,000 spines, which are actually modified hairs, each prickle lasts for about 12 months before dropping out and being replaced.

Hogs can cover up to 2 miles on an average night time hunting trip. As they patrol the hedges looking for food they make pig like grunting noises, hence the name Hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are mostly solitary, only really coming together to mate, however, if you do see several together, the collective noun for our prickly friends is ‘Array’

Built to last

 Made from a combination of FSC pine plywood and plastic board made from 100% recycled agricultural waste, the Prickle Box makes ideal place for hedgehogs to live, nest and hibernate.

The recycled plastic roof, sides and lower base make our boxes waterproof and rotproof, whilst the plywood inner lid and base give insulation and rigidity. There are ventilation holes in the side and the lid slides open for monitoring and cleaning out the box.

Every Prickle Box will be a welcoming hedgehog home for many years to come.

Sponsor a prickle box

How does Sponsoring a Prickle Box work?

1.  When you sponsor a Prickle Box, we will select one of our sites and choose a suitable location for the box.

2.  Where possible, we will create some insect homes from fallen logs and vegetation near your box to attract the hogs.

3.  Your box will be numbered individually and by site. You will be emailed a photo of your box in situ and given the approximate location of the site.

4.  Each box is guaranteed to only have one sponsor.

5.  Your sponsor money will cover the cost of the box, it’s installation and maintenance.

6.  Any boxes that are damaged will be repaired or replaced.

7.  Maintenance will be assisted by our volunteer group A Leg Up For Trees.

8.  Local businesses will approached for sponsorship, donations and assistance.

9.  Boxes will remain the property of Trees For Shropshire.

give a hedgehog a home

Dedicate a Hedgehog Box as a gift

Send a gift or dedication that will truly be one of a kind…

If you would like to dedicate a Prickle Box as gift to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one or pet, we can install one for you.

A dedication certificate will be sent to you or directly to the recipient and will include information about the type of box we have installed and the location of the site.  This will be posted to your chosen address and can include a short message.

Simply select the item you would like to dedicate, fill out the form to provide us with your choice, details of who it is to and from, address to send to, occasion ie birthday, wedding, thank you etc, and a short message.

Not only will you be sending a unique gift but you will be joining us in boosting hedgehog numbers.

Dedicate a prickle box

Sponsor or Dedicate a Prickle Box today

You can make a difference today with a sponsorship or dedication. 

Whether it be for yourself, a friend or family member, this is where you can really make a lasting difference.

Sponsors and recipients of dedications will be emailed a certificate including details of the order and also a photo of the tree or box in situ.

Dedications can include a personal message to mark any occasion for a truly unique gift.

So sponsor or dedicate today and plant trees or install boxes from the comfort of your settee. You will be directly helping wildlife and our environment…for all our tomorrows.