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Our bird box scheme


Due to increased pressure from urbanisation, lack of suitable habitat on farms, loss of woodland and use of herb and pesticides, our birdlife needs all the help it can get, and these are just some of the problems they face, our ever changing climate is also part of the problem, with floods and storms bringing down older trees that birds would make their home in.

Whilst installing boxes in your garden provides invaluable assistance (you can purchase boxes for your garden from our shop) boxes installed in larger numbers in the open countryside would provide a massive boost to all our box nesting species, especially combined with our schemes to plant new woodland and create wildlife habitat, and don’t forget, all profits from sponsorship and from our gift shop go directly to fund our work.

But do nest boxes actually make any difference?

In 1932 a survey showed there were 287 breeding pairs of Barn Owls in Shropshire, by 2002 this figure had fallen to around 130 pairs, a decline of over 50%. Since then, over 400 boxes have been installed in the county and the latest survey shows around 220 breeding pairs, with a total of 1764 chicks hatched in the boxes.

Birds that love boxes

Starlings are very sociable birds, famed for their aerial display team skills, a winter roost can number well into the 100’s of 1000’s.

Blue Tits only have one brood a year with up to 12 eggs in the nest. Clutches tend to be smaller in garden nest sites.

The Nuthatch pushes nuts into a crevice whilst it hammers them open and will use a piece of bark to open cracks and find insects.

Built to last


Our small boxes are constructed from 18mm thick native Larch, with a metal entrance hole to stop unwanted visitors, and a waterproof roof tile made from plastic that’s 100% recycled from agricultural waste. These smaller boxes are suitable for numerous species including;  Blue, Great and Coal tit, House and Tree sparrow, Nuthatch, Redstart, Starling, Great spotted woodpecker, Robin, Wren and Blackbird.

The larger boxes, for Kestrel, Tawny owl and Barn owl, are made from 12mm FSC pine with the same waterproof tops.

Great care has been taken in the design, construction and selection of materials for our boxes, they really are built to withstand the elements and to blend in with their surroundings.

All made in Shropshire.

One of our favourite songsters, the oldest recorded ringed Blackbird was over 20 years old.

The national bird of Britain and much loved gardeners companion will often raise 3 broods in one season.

The Woodpeckers head has special shock absorbing properties allowing it to hammer up to 20 times a second.

How does Sponsoring a Birdbox work?

1.  When you sponsor a bird box we will choose a suitable site, and location on that site, to install the type of box that you have chosen.

2.  Your box will be numbered individually and by site and you will be emailed a photo of your box in situ as well as sponsorship certificate.

3.  Each box is guaranteed to only have one sponsor.

4.  Your sponsor money will cover the cost of the box and it’s installation and maintenance. Boxes need to be cleaned out annually and any repairs made.

5.  Any boxes damaged beyond repair will be replaced.

6.  Maintenance will be assisted by our volunteer group A Leg Up for Trees.

7.  Local businesses will be approached for sponsorship, donations and assistance.

8.  Boxes will remain the property of Trees for Shropshire

Our bird box sites

Sponsor A Bird Box

Dedicate a bird box as a gift

Send a gift or dedication that will truly be one of a kind…

If you would like to dedicate a bird box as gift to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one or pet, we can install one for you.

A dedication certificate will be sent to you or directly to the recipient and will include information about the type of box we have installed and the location of the site.  This will be posted to your chosen address and can include a short message.

Simply select the item you would like to dedicate, fill out the form to provide us with your choice, details of who it is to and from, address to send to, occasion ie birthday, wedding, thank you etc, and a short message.

Not only will you be sending a unique gift but you will be joining us in creating a better environment.

Dedicate a bird box

Sponsor or Dedicate a Bird Box today

You can make a difference today with a sponsorship or dedication. 

Whether it be for yourself, a friend or family member, this is where you can really make a lasting difference.

Sponsors and recipients of dedications will be emailed a certificate including details of the order and also a photo of the tree or box in situ.

Dedications can include a personal message to mark any occasion for a truly unique gift.

So sponsor or dedicate today and plant trees or install boxes from the comfort of your settee. You will be directly helping wildlife and our environment…for all our tomorrows.