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Why should you donate

As with any charity, donations make a massive difference and keep organisations running smoothly, as well as contributing to the cause itself. In order to continue planting trees and hedges each season we need sufficient funding to cover the planting and maintenance of every site.

Donate today and we promise to put your money to good use, plating trees, supporting wildlife and improving the environment…for everyone.


Below you can find a list of private individuals, buisnesses and organisations that have very kindly made a donation in aid of our cause.

Many thanks to:

Faith Tilleray –
Who has very kindly built our beautiful website free of charge.

David and Gwen Atkinson – Ellesmere
For their £200 donation.

Make a donation

Every donation counts, whether you are an individual or a buisness. It costs an average of £1000 to plant and maintain an acre of land. Choose from one of our tier donation options or make a custom sized donation of your own. We guarentee all donations will be put to good use.

If you are a buisness making a donation and wanted to get you staff involved in a planting day as part of your efforts to help the environment, get in touch. 

And the boy loved the tree…..very much. And the tree was happy.

- Shel Silverstein, American Author