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A not for profit organisation, planting trees and conserving wildlife.
Help us keep Shropshire and its bordering counties alive – forever.

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What we do

Planting a tree is always a good thing to do, but the government and ecologists agree that we need to plant 1.5 billion trees nationwide to actually make a difference to our environment. This equates to about 23 trees per person in the UK.

Obviously there is a problem here –  most of us don’t have the room to plant 1 tree, let alone 23.

If this is you, there is still plenty you can do.

Join our sponsor a tree scheme and you can plant as many trees as you like!

If you’re a landowner, lucky enough to have room for a tree – or 23 – we’re here to advise and help with planting. Call us to talk over your ideas.

We guarantee to plant all trees in Shropshire and its adjoining counties. They will be home grown from UK seed stock of native broad leaf species. Planting schemes will include clearings and habitat for wildlife rather than just block planting.

Our plan for installing and maintaining hundreds of bird and hedgehog boxes throughout the region will ensure that our grandchildren will be able to enjoy the rich variety of wildlife that we enjoyed as children.

We are a not for profit organisation.

Trees and Hedging Planted

Hedgehog Homes

Bird Boxes

Tree Planting Scheme

Whether its one or thousands – we can help you to make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations.


Bird Homes

Whether for the Blue Tit in your garden or a Tawny Owl in your wood, we can help you encourage birds onto your patch.


Hedgehog Homes

Our spiky friends need all the help they can get. Find out more about the kind of home they like and where they thrive.


Help us plant trees in Shropshire and its bordering counties

Did you know that Shropshire has only 9% tree cover compared with 13% country wide and 26% in Europe?

Our aim is to change this figure for the better and we need your help.

Every tree you sponsor will be part of a growing woodland ecosystem, providing homes for thousands of species of insects, birds and mammals.

Sponsor a tree

A mature oak tree can absorb 48lbs of CO2 a year

One willow can support 226 species of insect

125 species of lichen can grow on a single rowan

In the mood for digging?

Join A Leg Up for Trees, our volunteer tree planting group.

We’d love to have you as part of the group – you can do something worthwhile, meet like-minded people and get fit at the same time!

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We need your help

All our wisdom is stored in the trees.

- Santosh Kalwar

Nepalese Poet